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  This resource intend for free location Primary NS services.
You can set up, edit and delete DNS zones with web interface.
If you are first on this site, please visit Registration page.
For regisered users, go to Logon page
IP address of this DNS:
Some questions about what this and how to work with it describe on FAQ page
Prices for registration of domains you can find in section price

Some necessary links:
UANIC - Ukrainian nic-handle database - Registration secondary NS - Other site with registration secondary NS
WHOIS service - Publich Whois regulations
Ukrainian Whois Database - Urkainian Whois Database
Policy 2 level - Regulations of registration domains second level
Policy .UA - Regulations .UA
Policy .COM.UA - Regulations .COM.UA
Policy .KIEV.UA - Regulations .KIEV.UA
UA-DRP - Политика решения споров доменов .UA
RFC822 - Standard for the format of ARPA Internet text messages
RFC1033 - Domain administrators operations guide
RFC1034 - Domain names - concepts and facilities
RFC1035 - Domain names - implementation and specification
RFC1537 - Common DNS Data File Configuration Errors - Free domain for Obolon's people

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